May 2022


Special Cold, Hot and Taco Platters to share;

Special Caipirinhas, Margaritas, Pisco Sours and more Cocktails;

Beer specials and our usual great range of local beers;

Latin Tunes.



Every Thursday from 7pm hosted by Trivia Mill it is Trivia Night @kettleandtin. Get your thinking caps on, grab your friends and be the winner enjoying food and drink specials with lots of fun!


Urban Sketching Workshop - Paddington Glimpses
TUE 17
from 9am to 11:30am

Tickets available on Eventbrite

On May 17, Brisbane artist and architect, Peter Richards, will be at Kettle and Tin giving an Urban Sketching Workshop. Tickets include morning tea and small group tuition.

Peter’s workshops are well-attended and extremely enjoyable, with members enjoying group drawing exercises and on-location urban sketching activities. You will spend the morning composing an original urban sketch, considering different perspectives of a particular place and the meanings that each viewpoint could convey.

Peter will discuss how to observe and position yourself in a scene using an understanding of the principles of perspective. You will be shown the main focus and initial larger shapes with which to begin your sketch, and then how to measure and use proportions to break complex scenes into manageable parts. You will also learn how to incorporate some architectural details and the incidental human elements of passers-by, including their canine companions!

Peter will discuss line drawing for buildings and landscapes and will show you how to build textures and tones with contrast. A simple two-colour pencil palette is used, with your first drawing completed with pale blue pencil, adding ink lines and some tones over the top to define the scene. Finally, you will add shading and tones with the darker pencil.

The curators of Paddington Then and Now and the staff at Kettle and Tin welcome you to the neighbourhood and look forward to seeing what wonderful sketches you produce of this fascinating urban environment, under Peter’s tutelage!

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SAT 07 | 4-6pm
SAT 21 | 4-6pm
Live DJ @kettleandtin

Happy Hour Drinks + Live DJ.

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Wednesdays to Sundays
from 3-5pm

Enjoy the Paddington Afternoon vibe with special deals on selected drinks.


FRI 21, SAT 22, SUN 23 


Celebrate Brisbane's Local Best with a long weekend of wining and dining along Paddington's historical terrace precint. Over 3 days of sensational special offers and exclusive deals from our local restaurants, cafes and bars. From delicious breakfast to late night cocktail and everything in between, experience.